Great British Sewing Bee has got us buzzing

Great British Sewing Bee Book by Tessa Evelegh | Photography © Laura Edwards 2013

I’m a craftaholic, and will give most crafts a go but I have to confess that I’ve always been drawn to making things for the home, accessories, characters, cards… fripperies, rather than dress-making. I’m not sure why (perhaps it’s my penchant for designing as I go along rather than following an established pattern) but I’ve not attempted to make my own clothes since a – not too successful – wrap-around top I made at school, aged 13.

The great thing about BBC2′s Great British Sewing Bee is that it shows that you don’t necessarily have to undertake dress-making on a grand scale… lots of fun and creativity can be had in embellishing and adapting clothes. Whilst there is hardcore seamstressing taking place in some of the challenges (e.g. the mens’ trouser challenge in ep.2 :-s ) much more up my street are the adaption challenges… adding pockets of your choosing to a skirt, altering & decorating necklines of a simple top… a fab new justification for all the hoards of ribbon, buttons, beads and embellishments that find their way into my craft room!

Great British Sewing Bee 2013, BBC2 | Photography © Laura Edwards 2013

I like the fact that the programme also touches on handmade homeware with it’s how-to segment each week. They dash through the tutorial a bit on the quick side but perhaps that’s so that you’ll buy the book that accompanies the series! (though the laundry bag tutorial from episode 1 can be found on the radio times website). I haven’t gotten my mitts on a copy of the book yet, but Crafty magazine obligingly organised a Great British Sewing Bee blog tour, with different bloggers reviewing the book each day (great idea!) and, judging from Lucy Davidson’s review at Peas and Needles in particular, it looks like a winner, really thorough and beautifully designed.

Laundry Bag Design from the Great British Sewing Bee | Photography © Laura Edwards 2013

All in all, it’s great that to have another programme championing the handmade and the homemade, so roll on Tuesday nights when I will be dress-making vicariously, and getting some inspiration on new uses for my studio stash.

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